Explore our natural shoe care solutions with SneakerLAB®

Harmless yet effective

Standing by our product’s quality and design, we wanted to help you getting the most out of our product. That’s why we introduce a complete shoe care range with SneakerLAB®, a premium supplier of eco friendly and effective formulas. Hence its harmless ingredients, their product is fully biodegradable and does not damage the natural features of leather, rubber and textile.

Deluxe Cleaning Kit (5 pieces)

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Sneaker Wipes 12 Pieces


Our new memory foam insoles and arch support pads

Utmost comfort

ETQ merges traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. This means that, although our shoes are handmade by skilled artisans who use long-established techniques, we’re always looking for the latest innovations to improve our product.

Our new insoles are another milestone in this constant search. They feature five different innovations increasing its comfort and durability through moisture management, injected construction and arch support pads. Our arch support pads are designed to increase stability and improve overall posture.

Memory foam insoles

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Arch support


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