What's next

This is where we showcase our vision on the future of footwear. Expect innovations to minimise waste, reduce our environmental impact and to enhance comfort and durability. It is a constant cycle of improvement, driven by our aim to create luxury products that are both ethical and desirable.

Plant-based nappa


This is not leather

Luxury sneakers are defined by its leather. So, when showcasing our vision on the future of luxury sneakers, this might be our flagship model: vegan leather LT 01. It’s made by Vegea® in Italy from upcycled raw materials such as vegetal oils and natural fibers from agro-industry.

LT 01 Vegea® White


LT 01 Vegea® Black


Upcycled ocean waste

Maximum comfort, minimum waste.

Our knitted shoes feature an upper that is made with one single piece of knitted fabric. There is no cutting involved, so there is no waste. In addition, this seamless construction results in an utmost comfortable fit. Also, the possibilities with yarns are endless. This one, for instance, is made with Econyl yarn. Econyl® is an Italian supplier of premium nylon made from regenerated plastic waste.

LT 01 Knitted White ECONYL®


Wooden shoes

Made of wood?

Yes, eucalyptus wood. Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe by Austrian yarn-lab Lenzing®. The wood fibers are made into a pulp and regenerated into a cellulose yarn with the help of harmless chemicals. This CO2 neutral process is completely animal-free and results in a natural yarn that is soft, durable, anti-bacterial and breathable. Just perfect for our knitted uppers.

LT 01 Knitted Navy TENCEL™

229 114.50

Chrome-free tanning

Conscious luxury

Better leather

Nature's finest

The best version of leather available: no metals are used processing the skins, increasing its comfort and softness while retaining its natural features and reducing its eco-footprint.

LT 01 Premium Off-White

269 134.50
Out of stock

LT 05 Army White

249 124.50