Our journey explained

A constant journey to perfection

Back in 2010, while working at a local Amsterdam retailer, we saw an opening for a different approach to footwear. One that breathes luxury and design, but one that is also modest, minimalistic and affordable. It turned out to be a promising idea. Now, 10 years later, the cliche might be to express how fast the time has passed. But the truth is that is has been a long and intense road. What started as a small project with friends, emerged out of passion and curiosity, turned out to be the brand that is now represented at premium retailers in Europe’s main capitals.

It’s not fashion. It’s design.

The difference between the two, for us, is about change versus improvement. Being just different is very simple. Being better is difficult, but far more valuable. It’s a constant journey to perfection, always questioning our previous wins, always aiming to do it better next time. We focus on comfort, durability and sustainability; the main pillars in our search for the ultimate everyday-sneakers. The theme of each collection is very simple, and always will be: SAME BUT BETTER.

Sneakers made like shoes

All our shoes are designed in Amsterdam and handmade by experienced craftsman in Portugal. Through this combination we have merged traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, applying artisanal techniques to sneakers silhouettes based on classic tennis sneakers. That’s what makes our product unique.

What's next?

Exploring the possibilities of vegan solutions is vital in reaching our sustainability goals. Yet, just vegan was not enough. It has to surpass the comfort of common materials without causing any further indirect pollution (replacing leather with plastic is not a solution) to truly convince people of the alternative.


We have partnered with SneakerLab® to offer natural and effective shoe care solutions that do not harm the product and the environment.

Modular packaging

We’ve always been fascinated by packaging, and we don’t like to be wasteful about it. The logistics behind our footwear need to be as innovative as the products themselves.

From single-use plastic bags, to cardboard shipping boxes — the world’s resources are finite, but our imagination is not. We’ve redesigned our packaging with efficiency and the environment in mind. Using recycled plastic bottles and recycled cardboards to create long lasting items.

Flagship store and open HQ

Once home to Amsterdam’s iconic RoXY nightclub, the massive space was stripped bare and designed in collaboration with studiojosvandijk, revealing a rough and minimal atrium where large swatches of concrete and monochromatic details created the perfect backdrop for a thoughtful selection of products.