Introducing VEGEA®

Our first vegan low-top, made from a plant-based alternative leather

This is not leather, but you wouldn’t guess from its feel or comfort. Our premium plant-based alternative wears just like the best calf leathers out there, but with the added benefit of being planet-friendly. VEGEA® is a material made from plant waste. Wine waste to be specific. It creates a superb green alternative that cuts down on fossil fuels. This durable style comes in a tennis-inspired silhouette that never goes out of style.

Introducing ECONYL®

Tech-driven footwear that’s made to last.

When it comes to innovation, we like to experiment with unconventional materials that offer circular design solutions. We believe closing the loop is the future and using ECONYL® is part of our sustainable journey. This synthetic yarn is made from repurposed fishing nets and ocean waste. It offers endless possibilities for tech-driven footwear that’s made to last.


Find the ultimate comfort in our most minimalist style.

Our classic LT01 has been stripped back to its most minimalistic construction yet. We’ve cut the upper from a single panel of sustainable WATER ZERO® RipStop. A fabric that cares for water by reducing water consumption by more than half in its production. This technical evolution of the LT01 has resulted in a sleek sneaker with minimal stitching. The absence of seams makes it lean, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.