Quality matters.

Endless Comfort

Our wardrobe essentials have a powerful silhouette. You want to keep it on. And you can. Sophistication is timeless.

You look sophisticated.

And yet feel like Sunday morning. Beyond trends and flashy labels. Our style never changes. It evolves. Continuously. When it comes to materials, our bar is high. Only the finest materials enter the Atelier. No shortcuts. They are durable and have recovery properties. They stay in shape. And so will you.

Time suits our essentials.

We blend traditional cobbler skills with the latest technology for comfort and suppleness. Your feet feel it, every step of the way. Style so endless, tying together 365 days of your year. As one. We focus on things, that even the eye can't see. Obsessive, yes. But: soon after wearing ETQ you will notice the quality difference.