We’ve always been fascinated by packaging, and we don’t like to be wasteful about it. The logistics behind our footwear need to be as innovative as the products themselves.

From single-use plastic bags, to cardboard shipping boxes — the world’s resources are finite, but our imagination is not. We’ve redesigned our packaging with efficiency and the environment in mind. Using recycled plastic bottles and recycled cardboards to create long lasting items.

Modular design

Cut down on waste

Our shoe- and shipping-box in one is made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable ink. Perfect for shipping or to display your new wardrobe essentials.

Dust bags

These dust bags have been designed to be your ultimate travel companion. These neat packages can hold your favourite pair of shoes or toiletries and other bits and bobs needed for daily travel.

The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles collected by small cooperatives around the world from plastic that never made it to landfills. Each dust bag is made from two recycled plastic bottles. This game-changing material is extremely durable and means you can use your dust bags to store more than just your favorite pair of shoes.