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Elevate your everyday. Let’s keep luxury simple.

Welcome to ETQ Menswear—Where Every Piece Is a Masterpiece

At ETQ, we believe that a man's wardrobe should be as refined as it is functional. That's why our menswear collection is designed to provide everything a man needs to look effortlessly stylish, yet feel as comfortable as a relaxed Sunday morning. From soft t-shirts and trousers to luxurious jackets, each piece is crafted to be an essential part of your wardrobe.

Silent Luxury, Artisan Craftsmanship

Our approach to fashion is one of silent luxury. You won’t find flashy logos here. Instead, each garment speaks through the quality of its materials and the elegance of its design. Knitted with the utmost care, tailored individually, and stitched to perfection. This is the etiquette of ETQ, where icons are made.

Crafted with Care in The Netherlands and Portugal

All ETQ garments are lovingly crafted in The Netherlands and Portugal, partnering with ateliers who use traditional methods of craftsmanship. By focusing on cutting, crafting, and stitching each piece with precision, we ensure that every item we produce is worthy of the time invested. This slow fashion approach allows us to achieve an high level of quality and comfort that fast fashion simply cannot provide.

Endless Comfort and Sophisticated Design

Our menswear not only has a powerful silhouette but also offers the comfort of pajamas—so comfortable, in fact, you’ll want to live in them. At ETQ, sophistication is timeless. In our Dutch design studio, the mantra is "same but better." We think of ETQ as product design rather than just fashion design, focusing on strong silhouettes, nuanced colors, and rich layers of quality. Precision engineering.

A Continuous Evolution

With each collection, we improve and refine, treating our products with the precision of engineering a race car. Our designs evolve continuously, mastering classic etiquette to match the pace of today. At ETQ, we don’t just make clothes—we craft legacies of style and comfort with grace and innovation.

Welcome to ETQ Menswear, where every piece tells a story of passion and precision. This is not just clothing; it's a part of your lifestyle.