LT 04 Off-Court

For this season’s Off-Court pack, we're inspired by the tennis culture of the early 1990s.

A classic return of the LT 04 Off-Court
Shades Collection

Everything we do is meant to last.

Our designs last. Our products last. This collection of wardrobe essentials comes in six timeless colorways that fit any season and every occasion. The classic take on a tennis sneaker avoids being fashionable.

    Wardrobe Essentials

    It’s a silhouette that is meant to stand the test of time.

    Essence Series

    Our signatures styles never change, but constantly improve.

    The Essence series is a simple assembly of complex innovations. Each year for the last 10 years, we’ve continued to improve on the heritage of the LT01 — our modern take on a classic tennis sneaker. With each new version we get a little better at eliminating the unnecessary and perfecting the core. Our aim is to create sneakers that are made to stand the test of time. Never out of stock, never out of style.

      Core Evolution

      A simple assembly of complex innovations.

      Minimized to the core

      Lean Luxury

      Luxury is defined by more than meets the eye. We like to define it by simple mathematics: dimensions, weight and comfort.

      Tactile suede in timeless colorways.
      Biocouro 50/50

      Ultimate harmony

      We’ve created ultimate harmony by combining two premium materials in our cleanest Court silhouette. The design is lean, placing the focus on a combination of tactile leather uppers to allow the quality of these most premium materials to really shine through.

        Clean take on a retro tennis sneaker.

        Our classic tennis silhouette gets a seasonal upgrade with a clean look.

        Same, but better.

        Butter soft nappa leather

        The fundament of our brand is built on classic court sneakers, traditionally made by hand from premium nappa leather. We challenge ourselves, every season, to continuously improve the quality, fit and technology of our most iconic designs.

          Introducing VEGEA®

          A material made from plant waste. Wine waste to be specific. It creates a superb green alternative that cuts down on fossil fuels.

          A material made from wine waste.
          WATER ZERO®

          Find ultimate comfort in our most minimalist style.

          Our classic LT01 has been stripped back to its most minimalistic construction yet. We’ve cut the upper from a single panel of sustainable WATER ZERO® RipStop. A fabric that cares for water by reducing water consumption by more than half in its production.

            Introducing ECONYL®

            We believe circular design is the future and using ECONYL® is part of our sustainable journey. This synthetic yarn is made from repurposed fishing-nets and ocean waste.

            Knit from ocean waste.

            Cleaning up plastic from our oceans

            Dressed but bold

            Full-grained nappa leather

            Our dress shoes come with a calf-skin lining. The slim and narrow lasted upper stands on a double-stitched welted outsole with commando profile.

              Maximal Minimalism

              We’ve dialed it all back to the collection’s essence — one premium style in 5 colorways that are truly timeless.

              The making of an icon

              Breathable TENCEL™

              Introducing our first ‘wooden shoes’ — with uppers made from repulped forest fibers.

              Harmless yet effective

              Explore our natural shoe care solutions with SneakerLAB®

              At ETQ, everything we do is meant to last.