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Care Guide

Stay box fresh
Dirt won’t impact your style statement. Just keep things clean and give your gear a fresh scrub now and then. Here is how. 

The ETQ wardrobe routine
Most of our products are machine washable and stay in shape or are easy to iron. Please read the label on your ETQ garment to find the care instructions.  

The ETQ shoe routine
Our leather shoe collection is not machine washable. 
Read below and you are 5 steps closer to perfection. 

  • Start by getting yourself some proper tools.
  • Prepare well, take out the laces, remove any loose dirt.
  • Clean it, like you mean it.
  • Upgrade’ em with fresh odor-free insoles.
  • Top it off with crispy new laces.

Cleaning any ETQ suedes or nubuck:

  • To clean the upper, stay away from water. Cleaning suede or requires extra care to avoid damage. Nubuck or suedes do not respond well to moisture, so we recommend spot-cleaning these materials with our brush only. Suede is delicate so gently brush the suede in one direction. Revive that nap.

  • Stubborn stains? Apply the SneakerLAB®x ETQ sneaker cleaner locally. Use it lightly. Now get the brush to work the cleaner into the suede. Blot it all with a microfiber cloth to absorb moisture.

  • To clean the outsole, use our SneakerLAB® X ETQ sneaker cleaner. Using circular motions, gently scrub the outsole clean. Make sure you don't touch the upper leather. 

  • Minimize unwanted odors with our odor protector inside the shoes. Allow shoes to air dry completely for at least 2 hours. 

Cleaning full-grain leather and premium Nappa:

  • Upon receiving your ETQs, lightly coat them with the SneakerLAB® x ETQ leather care. Be sure to test it on a small section before spraying your entire shoe. Pamper them frequently. Every four to six months, apply a generous amount of our leather care to your shoes, to maintain their natural sheen and prevent cracking. Allow drying. Fully. 
  • To clean apply SneakerLAB® X ETQ sneaker cleaner: dampen the brush with water and apply it to your sneakers and the outsole. Using circular motions, gently scrub them clean. Wipe away the excesses by using a microfiber cloth.
  • Minimize unwanted odors with our odor protector, inside the shoes. Allow shoes to air dry completely for at least 2 hours.