At ETQ, everything we do is meant to last.

Our products last, our designs last, our relationships last. That consistency is the one thing that we’re most proud of. We stand behind everything we make. But note that our products require care if they are going to be used the way they are intended. Our items will last even longer if you take good care of them.
That’s why we have developed a complete shoe care range with SneakerLAB®, a premium supplier of eco friendly and effective cleaning formulas. Hence its harmless ingredients, their product is fully biodegradable and does not damage the natural features of leather, rubber and textile.

Explore our natural shoe care solutions with SneakerLAB®

Take good care of your ETQs. We advise you to always use products from our Deluxe Cleaning Kit. It features a sneaker cleaner, sneaker protector, odor protector, leather care and a premium brush.