Designed in Amsterdam, handmade in Portugal.

How it's made

Sneakers made like shoes

All our shoes are designed in Amsterdam and handmade by experienced craftsmen in Portugal. Through this combination we have merged traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, applying artisanal techniques to sneakers silhouettes based on classic tennis sneakers.

The process of leather

Since leather is a natural product, it's essential to process the raw material from hide to shoe for long-term use while maintaining its natural character. We've been working with European leather suppliers from the start, to ensure we work with the highest possible quality leather. The hides mainly come from France and Germany and are processed in a tanning facility in Portugal. 

All skins are cleansed and heat-pressed, dried, and then excessively tumbled for utmost suppleness. The tanning process is one of the most delicate steps and is done with tree-extracted tannins. The result is without a doubt the best product for the environment: a biodegradable leather that can be composted and will be totally disintegrated within 30 days. Whether it’s nappa, suede or nubuck, you’ll find the same quality dying techniques across our leather footwear.

Hand-stitched constructions

Quality is found in materials and make. The make of our sneaker is the make of traditional shoes: hand-stitched on old machines, piece by piece, by skilled and experienced artisans. It takes years before a production team fully masters a full product. That is why we don’t change our key styles but constantly improve them. Every step is overseen first-hand by a specialist that still today is finding ways to improve his part of the product. It’s demanding, obsessive even, but worth it.

Reinforced rubber

The difference between sneakers and premium shoes is the outsole. When you apply a premium leather hand-stitched upper to a rubber cup sole, you probably come to the definition of a premium sneaker. Yet, while traditional sneakers are meant for sports, ours are meant for daily wearing. That is why we use a solid and heavy cup sole from reinforced rubber, made to last in urban surroundings in various conditions.