Made in Europe.

Designed in the Netherlands.

At our Dutch design studio, we focus on the things even the eye can’t see, to build better. We create apparel but approach it as product design. It makes all the difference. We tinker with our products as if they were sports cars. The result? Every collection is the same but evolved. Icons only.

Family-owned ateliers

All our wardrobe essentials are crafted in Europe. We team up with a family-owned atelier that works with traditional methods. Together we take it slow. Cutting, crafting, and stitching piece by piece with ultimate care. As we leave the fast fashion scene behind, we have the luxury to take our time and make it right. We are masters of precision engineering.

Tech meets craft.

ETQ introduces the etiquette of artisan crafting to today’s menswear world. We merge traditional cobbler skills with the latest technology for comfort and suppleness. Built for the long haul. For example: while traditional sneakers are meant for sports, ETQ footwear is tailored for the city. That is why we use a robust and heavy cupped sole made from reinforced rubber to last in all conditions.

High standards.

When it comes to materials, our bar is high. Only the finest materials enter the Atelier. And nothing less, no shortcuts. ETQs premium suedes and leathers are smooth like butter and cherry-picked per item. Our knits are knitted to perfection. Obsessive, yes. But: soon after wearing ETQ you will notice the quality difference.